Emerging Issues and Rumours

Your actions have consequences…

This section holds information that you are aware of from your adventures. Some situations cannot be helped, but some are inadvertently made…

Below is what you know. There is plenty you don’t.

Azog Lives…

The deal done with Azog at the Gnarly Cock left a power vacuum which the orc and his tribe have now filled. Currently his tribe is massing in the cave system and occasional skirmishes with the Keep on the Borderlands are common. Since the party has left the Keep, the area is becoming more unsettled than before, if a little less coordinated in efforts to damage the Duchy.

King of the Faz-Plaks

The party has ensured the continuation of the Faz-Plak tribe by allowing a captured bodyguard to take the crown in exchange for information.

Golthar escapes

It’s still not entirely clear what Golthar’s end game and where he is in the leadership of the grand scheme.

Rise of Sukiskyn?

The destruction of homesteads and settlements in the area of the western Dymrak has meant that Sukiskyn has become a mecca for refugees, but also that it has a monopoly on current trade in the region. Pyotr wishes to exploit this and wants to get as many contracts signed with partners in Rifflian and Kelven as possible. Furthermore, the refugees at Sukiskyn have begun building more permanent structures than the tents they had before. Parts of the Dymrak have been felled for homes and a small lean-to tavern has even been built against the exterior of Sukiskyn’s palisade. Pyotr’s reaction to all this is mixed. He doesn’t like that his land is being exploited and thinks he should be imposing a levy or tax in return if he knew how. At the same time the locals are looking for a leader, but Pyotr does not want to lead, he just wants to trade. Interesting times are ahead for the Sukiskyn family and this area of the Duchy.

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Emerging Issues and Rumours

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