Drendon Fallowbriar - Deceased

Inquisitive Halfling from the Five Shires

AC 5 (4 with Shield)
HP 18
Stats Score Mod
STR 13 +1
CON 10
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 14 +1
8 Breath Attacks
9 Poison or Death
10 Petrify or Paralyse
12 Wands
12 Spells or Spell-like Devices

Special Abilities

+1 to hit with missile weapons
+1 to Initiative
-2 to AC vs Large Creatures
Hide 90% in Woods & Bushes, 1-2 on D6 in Dungeons

Languages – Common

Drendon’s Gear
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Died in the Petrified Forest, on a mission to save Stephen of Sukiskin from the Wolfshead Goblins.
His fear of ‘flap-bats’ proved to be portentous as he was slain by a vampire bat.
His friend Dhavram, beheaded him and buried him to prevent him rising as undead.

Memories from Dren’s Childhood

Dren was born in the town of Flagonford, in the Southshire where his family grew apple trees. They had a modest Orchard and “Fallowbriar Gold” apples were sought after for their sweet taste, with their natural sugars producing a potent cider known as “GoldenJack”.

Dren grew up around apple trees, orchards and the folk who farm and use them to make cider. He and his childhood friend Jingo Branchbeard roamed the Fallowbrair Orchards, and those of the neighbouring farmers, climbing trees, scrumping for apples and trying to avoid capture by the often vexed Farmer Bollo.

With his trusty slingshot, Dren enjoyed the halcyon days of youth, roaming the orchards in his free time and helping with the harvest whenever his Papa Jack could pin him down.

Upon reaching that “certain age” Dren felt the familiar wanderlust that bedevils the Hin folk and set off as a Yllaren, to wander the lands and discover his calling.

Explanation of Abilities and Edges

Str 13 (1) – “Dren first realised he was strong when he could lift more than Jingo Branchbeard whilst unloading apple-crates in Southshire”
Dex 8 – "Dren realised he was a little clumsy after dropping 4 jugs of “GoldenJack” cider in a row, during the festival of Hearthweal"
Cha 14 (
1) – “Dren realised his quick tongue was an asset, when he talked his way out of a switching when caught ‘borrowing’ apples from a neighbours orchard”
Save vs Poison/Death (9) – “Dren was badly stung by Amberjackets when scrumping as a youngster, despite the numerous welts and unpleasant look, the usually debilitating venom had no effect on him”
Init (1) – “I was always first to react when Farmer Bollo spotted us in his trees”
Hit with Missiles (
1) – “Me and Jingo were terrors with a slingshot"
Hide Woods & Bushes (90%) and Hide in Dungeons (1-2) – “When you spend a lot of time hiding from an angry Farmer, you learn how to make yourself hard to see!”

Personality Quirks

Curious/Nosey – “When someone seems to be hiding something or doing something in secret, Dren wants to know what they are doing and how”

Seeking a "calling” – "When Dren meets a new character class or profession (sometimes even race!), he wants to know if he can become one.

Refuses to believe that something is impossible – “Is happy to accept that anything is possible – he has seen magic and thinks it can do anything”

Refuses to kill innocents – “Dren will refuse to kill a surrendered enemy – he knows that others may do it and understands their thinking, but he will not watch or take part”

Likes to invent – "Currently working on ‘Fallowbriars Marvellous Sack-Barrow’ ".

Loves Apples – “Will wax lyrical about apples given a chance and will always ask if they have any “Fallowbriar Gold” apples or “GoldenJack” Cider when in a Tavern or Market.

Dislikes – Flapping things – "The death of Sirius to the “Flapbats” was a blow to Dren and has given him an innate dislike of flapping things"

Drendon Fallowbriar - Deceased

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